B A R A T T A   M E D I A   G R O U P

Baratta Media Group -- Developers / Content Creators for HeroesNation Podcast App - with over 12 years of experience in  National Television Broadcast on 3 networks, Pay-Per-View, DVD Distribution, Internet Streaming & Broadcast Marketing, Reality TV / Sit-Coms, Live Events, Documentaries & Short Films, Corporate Training Videos, TV & Radio
Now producing Podcasts Shows , Apps & Content,  live streaming for Mobile devices.
Contact Us for Consultations on in-studio production for podcasts and commercials 

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Have a Podcast Show ?
BMG does all the Studio Production for your Show...

Want to grow your Podcast / business? reach your audience through the Broadcast Media of Podcast.
BMG is well equipped to handle all of your podcast needs.  The studio comes complete with professional radio microphones, 4k digital studio cameras, wireless high speed internet, scripting & production assistance, spoken word & vocal performance tips, live-to-tape, and editing in post production.  Graphics and Music Library is provided to ensure the highest quality in visual audio podcast series from live-stream platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, to various other social media.  So when it comes to trusting a podcast studio to produce your shows professionally... BMG is the place for production.

BMG is the place to produce professional level content

If you have a brand or a company that you would like to grow awareness, more traffic to your podcast show - BMG is professional equipped to any any project at any time.  Trust the professionals at BMG to record and package your brand for your show ready for broadcast to reach your audience anywhere in the world over multi platforms. BMG is staffed with professional producers from The Producers Guild of America.  Your podcast will achieve the highest quality product when recording a interview or just simply sharing your knowledge with others on an array of topics.  three60studio is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to deliver a impactful audio/visual content for your show.

BMG Studio Production  / HeroesNation App