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This Podcast Series Will Show You How to Thrive

When there are trials in life; it's not a time to survive, it is a time for flourishing amidst all the chaos (and order) of your life.  Stretch's teaching podcast series will show you just how to navigate and apply the practical applications for your life.  

 (who is Stretch?)

Read Stretch's biography and learn how a lifetime career and experience led Stretch to put together a powerful teaching series and podcast show that will help thrive in life.

Podcast Series

Each Podcast Series contains hours of information that can be applied  to every area of your life. Once you begin to listen to the Podcasts, you find yourself thriving instead of surviving.

PDF Notes

Each episode contains a wealth of knowledge that will help you flourish amidst the chaos
(and order) of your life... and now download the notes of each show to reference and follow along with the teachings.

Contact us

To contact Stretch for additional materials, book speaking events, feedback & testimonies on episodes that had an impact on your life... fill out the form and let us know.